Grosse Pointe Park is one of the five Grosse Pointe municipalities and is located in Wayne County in the State of Michigan. It is the westernmost of the Grosse Pointes and shares a border with the city of Detroit. Established in 1893, Grosse Pointe Park is known for its historic charm, waterfront parks, and tree-lined streets.

The city has a strong community focus, offering residents numerous parks, recreational facilities, and a privately owned movie theater. The housing in Grosse Pointe Park ranges from lavish lakeside mansions to well-kept smaller homes, reflecting the architectural diversity and history of the area.


Grosse Pointe Park is geographically noted for its proximity to Lake St. Clair, which significantly influences the city's layout and development. The city spans an area of 3.71 square miles, of which 0.13 square miles is water. Its waterfront provides recreational opportunities and contributes to the city's scenic beauty.

The city's streets are laid out in a traditional grid pattern in the southern part, while the streets follow more winding and less predictable patterns in the northern section closer to the lake, accommodating the natural topography and private estates.


The population of Grosse Pointe Park is predominantly Caucasian, with a growing representation of other ethnicities. It has a relatively stable population with a range of age groups, including families, young professionals, and older residents.

As of recent data, the median household income in Grosse Pointe Park is above the state average, indicative of the affluent nature of the community. Education levels are high, with a significant percentage of adults holding a bachelor's degree or higher.

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